A world populated by 9,000 unique and mighty mushrooms defending Arborethia, the Tree of Life. Adopt one of these brave little heroes, explore their world, master their skills, and advance to glory.

Fungea is a browser based role-playing game (RPG) that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain. Play one of six possible mushroom classes, where each carries special bonus attributes with in-game effects. Collect countless items. Earn and spend $SPORES.


Minting is currently closed.
Mushroom with spear and shield.


  • I.Defense of Arborethia

    Defend Arborethia, the Tree of Life. Claim loot and gather mushrooms to generate $SPORES. Your power grows by gaining experience in combat.
    Take a risk and explore the yet unknown corners of Fungea.
  • II.The Great Spread

    It's in a mushroom's nature to spread. Let your mushrooms breed a new generation of fungi to accompany their adventures.
  • III.The Battle of Spores

    Your mushrooms will be able to learn new skills, but this sword is double-edged. Peace and harmony amongst mushrooms cannot persist when greed and envy take root. Guilds will form, duels are inevitable.
  • IV.Fairy Rings

    New menacing creatures will invade Fungea. Your mushrooms will learn to join forces and form squads to defeat new threats to Arborethia in thrilling fights.


What is Fungea?
A browser-based RPG that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain. Check out all the details of the initial game release in our whitepaper !
Why Mushrooms?
Because mushrooms play a big part in the global ecosystem. Their contribution to society is unfathomable. Without fungi, we would not have Gorgonzola.
What blockchain?
Our mushrooms will live on the Ethereum blockchain. Items will be mintable ERC-1155 tokens.
What is $SPORES?
$SPORES are the ERC-20 tokens fueling the ecosystem of Fungea.
Minting details?
We'll announce the price and date in the near future. Stay updated on all Fungea developments by following our Twitter and joining our discord.


  • Strategy & Collabs
  • Game & Smart Contract Dev
  • Strategy & Collabs
  • Economy & Balancing
  • Loring
  • Economy & Balancing
  • Frontend/UI Dev
  • Webdesign
  • Artist
  • Webdesign
  • Loring