Defense of Arborethia




Total supply
1,000,000,000 $FUNGEA
Buy/Sell 4/4 %
Max Wallet/Transaction 4/4 % of total supply
Gated access
Hold 1,000,000 $FUNGEA to access the game and create characters. First come first serve.


  • I.Defense of Arborethia

    Gain experience in combat
    Claim loot and generate SPORES
    Burn $FUNGEA with playing
  • II.The Great Spread

    It's in a mushroom's nature to spread
    Explore the unknown corners of Fungea
  • III.The Battle of Spores

    Learn new Fighting Skills
    Form Guilds and combat for reign
  • IV.Fairy Rings

    Form Squads
    Trade your Chars


WTF is Fungea?
Fungea is not only a token but the first Play-To-Burn role-playing game on Ethereum.
  • Six mushroom classes
  • Countless items
  • Burn $FUNGEA by playing

Just holding 1,000,000 $FUNGEA allows you to access the game and create up to 6 chars.
For detail game mechanics see our docs
How does Play-To-Burn work?
Ordinary Play-To-Earn games have a key problem: They are inflationary, the token value dilutes gradually over time. But mushrooms outsmart them all: Fungea uses an ingame off-chain currency called $SPORES.

Player have the daily choice to use them for game progression or burn their $SPORES for the sake of burning $FUNGEA.

Do I need to burn my $FUNGEA?
No. Burned $FUNGEA are funded from taxes. You do not need to spend a single token but play for raising the value of your holdings.
Why Mushrooms?
Mushrooms play a big part in the global ecosystem. Their contribution to society is unfathomable. No fungi, no Gorgonzola.